Urgent Care

Urgent Care 

(928) 505-1030

1799 Kiowa Ave, Suite 104
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403

At the intersection of Kiowa Ave. and Highway 95.

The urgent care clinic is not an emergency department and individuals with emergencies should go to our Emergency Department located at 101 Civic Center Lane.

Accessible medical care and diagnostic testing when you need it — no appointment necessary.

When your health care need is immediate, but not life-threatening, see the caring professionals at Havasu Regional’s Urgent Care. Our professionals provide diagnostic services and treatment for minor illnesses and injuries that can’t wait until you can get an appointment with your Primary Care provider. Lab services and X-ray on site.

Hours Of Operation

Oct 1-March 30 7:00am to 6:30pm 7 days a week

April 1-Sept 30 7:00am to 6:30pm Monday- Friday 9:00am-2:30pm Saturday and Sunday

Emergency Room or Urgent Care?

Havasu Regional Medical Center’s Urgent Care is designed to complement your doctor’s office by providing a place dedicated to treating minor injuries and illnesses that need priority attention.

Wait times at the Urgent Care are usually shorter than an average Emergency Room visit. Patients are seen in the order in which they arrive; however, staff will assess patients according to the severity of their conditions.  

Most common symptoms cared for in our Urgent Care       

  • Fever, cough, sore throat 
  • Diarrhea and vomiting 
  • Ear aches 
  • Minor burns 
  • Allergic reactions 
  • Arthritis pain 
  • Sprains and strains 
  • Lacerations 
  • High blood pressure 
  • Diabetes 
  • Asthma 
  • Bronchitis 
  • School, work and sports physicals 
  • Workers’ compensation treatment 

Symptoms that require care in the Emergency Room

  • Severe abdominal pain 
  • Chest pain 
  • Trouble breathing 
  • Uncontrolled bleeding 
  • Excessive vomiting 
  • Loss of consciousness 
  • Choking 
  • Poisoning 
  • Sudden slurred speech 
  • Seizures 
  • Severe burns 
  • Eye injuries
  • Head and back injuries 


What to expect during your visit

Upon arrival at our clinic, our medical staff will review your history, paying particular attention to your symptoms and concerns, followed by a thorough examination. If specialized care is not required, an individualized treatment plan will be developed and you will be instructed on any medications or additional therapy needed. Patients with more severe conditions may be referred to Havasu Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Department.

To help expedite your registration process, please bring the following:

  • A photo ID, such as a driver’s license 
  • Your health insurance card 
  • A list of prescription medications, over-the-counter medications or herbal remedies you are currently taking 

Employer Health/Occupational Medicine

If you are an employer or need work related medicine—the HRMC Urgent Care can help. We provide a wide range of occupational medicine to meet your needs. If you don’t see something on our list of services, contact us—we will work with you to provide additional services. Contact Julie Sasseen at 928-453-0139 for any Occupational Health needs.

Our Occupational Medicine Services include:

  • Drug Screens
    • Post injury 
    • Random testing 
    • Return to work 
    • Blood alcohol testing
    • DOT
  • Testing and Screening Services
    • TB skin testing - 1 step or 2 step
    • Urinalysis 
    • COCH certified hearing tests
    • Vision screening
    • Immunizations
    • Physicals
      • Pre employment
      • Work related
      • Return to work evaluation
      • School- we work with our area colleges and technical programs to provide physicals
      • DOT
    • Other tests as ordered 
  • Work Related Injuries
    Workers Compensation care including but not limited to:
    • X-Ray 
    • Blood work 
    • Suturing 
    • Removal of foreign bodies/objects
    • Muscle strains